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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic has been occupying a pivotal market position in the production of hydraulic components for road machinery for many years: hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, gear motors and hydraulic valves, which are applied to graders, road rollers, milling machines, paving In the machine and has been highly praised by users. In the production of fuel tanks for road machinery, HCHC has already achieved such top-grade products in China. Now it becomes the core supplier of domestic graders and road rollers and milling machine cylinders achieve a total market share of over 60%. The vibration pump and vibration motor products of the vibratory roller have been verified by major manufacturers of such models in China. HCHC Hydraulic parts matched products in the field of road machinery have not only been recognized by major equipment manufacturers such as XCMG Group, LIUGONG Group, XGMA, etc., but also won international suppliers' favor, such as Caterpillar and Wirtgen. These manufacturers have established a stable cooperative relationship with HCHC Hydraulic, and some products have maintained an exclusive supply situation. HCHC Hydraulics will strive to broaden its product line and strive to provide fully covered products and applications for hydraulic systems in the road machinery sector.

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