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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic is the main production supplier of hydraulic components for industrial vehicles in China. It provides industrial vehicle manufacturers with gear oil pumps, multi-way valves, speed limit valves, diverter valves, dynamic brake systems and hydraulic cylinders for various industrial vehicle manufacturers and the complete models and good quality can meet their varieties of needs. The gear oil pump for industrial vehicles is the one with the most complete domestic product specifications and the largest matching quantity. Following the development of China's forklift industry, the products are upgraded and replaced. The representative gear pump products are CBKEC, CBHY, CBK and CBKL. , CBQ, CBF, CBFL, CBT, CBTDH, CBHZ, CBHQ, CBHCB, CBHV and other products, of which CBF series products won the national quality award in 1985, CBHV new structure bottom noise pump is currently in the domestic lead industry is completely ahead status. Among the multi-way valve products for forklifts, ZS series products account for more than half of the market share of China's older generation forklifts. The CDB* series (sheet test and integral valve) products are being widely used by domestic host manufacturers. The YCDB series of multi-way valve products with CDC* series and priority valve function modules with OPS modules are widely used in electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts and safety-protected markets. The YCDB series multi-way valve is more effective than the existing CDB series multi-way valve. The heat balance of the vehicle is very obvious, and it is generally 5-10 degrees. It has been widely recognized by domestic large-scale forklift manufacturers. The new generation of electro-hydraulic proportional valve products have been verified by customers and have been unanimously recognized and praised. Among the large number of speed limit valves and shut-off valves for forklifts, the supply of speed limit valves accounts for more than half of the total market demand. The OBV/HXQ* dynamic brake system specially produced for 5-10 tons forklifts has become the main configuration of the domestic large tonnage forklift dynamic brake system, which provides high-demand hydraulic cylinders for international multinational forklift companies. The company is cooperating with foreign advanced hydraulic companies to produce AGV forklift hydraulic control system. Long-term cooperation with a large number of major forklift manufacturers, such as Anhui Forklift Group, HANGCHA Group, LINDER Forklift, LIUGONG Forklift, etc.

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