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Hefei Changyuan hydraulic products are not only used in garbage sanitation vehicles, sprinklers, road sweepers, and arm lifts in environmental sanitation equipments, but also obtained widely used in waste treatment engineering equipments and domestic waste incineration power generation equipments, in recent years. Wheeled oil pump (motor) products CBNL, CBZ, CBGTB, CBGTBL, CBQ, CBT4, CBN, CMW, CMFDA, CBW3, CCB for many years supporting the special vehicles for sanitation in the country. Multi-way valve products are available in manual, electronic control, air control and hydraulic control. Various methods can be used alone or in combination. The various functional valve bodies are monolithically integrated and modular in production, enabling a combination of individual functions. The electro-hydraulic control multi-way valve designed for sanitation machinery adopts a new structure for automatic control. Under the premise of special design and electro-hydraulic control, the noise generated by the sanitation machinery in the linkage process is greatly eliminated, and the stability and low noise of the host in a quiet environment are ensured. Compressed garbage station cylinders, garbage disposal extra large grab cylinders, garbage power incinerator cylinders apply a number of unique designs in the high corrosion, high strength, high temperature and other harsh environments, the cylinder stability and durability have reached the international advanced level. Over the years, we have provided a large number of high-quality hydraulic products and hydraulic control systems for ZHONGLIAN Environment, LONGMA Sanitation, XCMG Environment, Hefei Power Environmental Sanitation, Shanghai Pena, SHENGYUN Environmental Protection and many other environmental protection equipment companies.

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