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The application of Hefei Changyuan hydraulic products in the field of mining machinery has shown rapid growth in the past decade. It is mainly used in mining machinery such as coal mining machinery, pneumatic rock drills, mining machines, etc. The products involve gear pumps, multi-way valves and hydraulic cylinders. The main products of our company's mining machinery gear oil pump mainly include CBTD, CBVH/F, CBHZ, CBKP, CBTL and other products. The gear motor is mainly CMDDG series products, which have many varieties and meet the high pressure and high temperature resistance of the main hydraulic system to the power unit. Among the multi-way valve products, there are a wide range of products used in mining machinery, such as DL, XYZL, EDL, etc. The castings of the products are made of high-performance materials, which are composed of a plurality of reversing valve plates, safety valves and various additional valves. It has high working pressure, compact mechanism, good safety valve performance, high reliability and long service life. At the same time, the relief valve adopts a new structural design, which is resistant to pollution and impact. It has high pollution in underground equipment and high reliability in high dust environment. The reversing mode of the multi-way valve can be a combination of liquid plus manual mode, and there are multiple linkage mode selections, which can realize multi-directional multi- directional operation mode of single handle control. Hydraulic control enables remote control and provides a variety of options for the layout of the complete machine. HCHC Hydraulic produces various oil cylinders for mining machinery, digests and absorbs the advanced design and manufacturing concept of mining machinery cylinders at home and abroad. In the design and production process, it pays attention to simulating the different working conditions of the main engine to the cylinder parts materials, heat treatment, sealing form, buffering device, etc. and carry out tests, determine design parameters and process methods, and design various built-in and external hydraulic locks and balance valves on the cylinder according to the needs of the main engine. The product is compact in structure, easy to use and maintain, and the quality is stable and reliable. The company has maintained good relations with the major manufacturers of domestic mining machinery industry such as SANY Group, China Coal Group, Terex, Taiyuan Coal Machinery Research Institute, Jixi Coal Mine Machinery Plant, KAISHAN Group, Jiangxi XINTONG Machinery and Hubei XIANGYANG ZHONGLIANG. Partnership.

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