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Hefei Changyuan hydraulic products have been leading the trend of hydraulic components in China's agricultural machinery industry. It has been used as the highest standard in models such as wheat combine harvesters, rice combine harvesters, corn combine harvesters, and tractors of 70 horsepower or more. Now on the above-mentioned agricultural machinery, HCHC hydraulic gear oil pumps, multi-way reversing valves, distributor and hydraulic cylinders can be seen everywhere. The company's modern agricultural machinery gear pump (motor) leading products are mainly CBTLJ, CBW3, CBWL3, CBEL, CBT series and all types are in line with the host hydraulic system for the power unit high pressure (highest pressure 30MPa), high temperature resistance (working oil temperature 80 °C ~ 120 ° C), impact resistance, high efficiency, low speed performance and other performance requirements. Valve products are mainly used in medium and large horsepower tractors, large harvesting machinery and special agricultural equipments. The products are available in manual operation, hydraulic control and electromagnetic control. All the castings of the products are made of high-performance materials, which are resistant to high pressure deformation and meet the requirements of medium and high pressure hydraulic systems. Since the 1990s, HCHC has led the development of several generations of products to meet the needs of agricultural machinery performance upgrades. Now there are some main valve products used in agricultural machinery including DLS15 series, DLS20 series, FP*-L15E distributor, SKF. Series, DLT series, HCS6 series electromagnetic control valves. The company's agricultural machinery cylinders are mainly matched with various types of harvesters and tractors. Over the past ten years, the company has produced more than one million pieces of products, and these products are suitable for the working conditions of the mainframe. The quality is stable and reliable, and is highly praised by users. In recent years, the company has increased investment in research and development of hydraulic intelligent control systems for agricultural machinery. Some products have been put into market applications, such as intelligent control systems with balers. The high horsepower tractor electro-hydraulic lifting system has entered the experimental test phase. The place where there are modern agricultural machinery, Hefei HCHC products are there. Our mission: to provide high-quality hydraulic products for China's agricultural machinery to go to high-end and brilliant!

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