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Hefei Changyuan hydraulic products are widely used in the field of lifting and transporting machinery. They are mainly used in several types of main engines such as automobile cranes, truck cranes and tower cranes. The application products include gear pumps, gear motors, multi-way reversing valves and cylinders. product. In the field of automobile cranes, HCHC Hydraulic has been producing CBQL series and CBKP series double pump, triple pump and quad pump products for 8 ton, 12 ton, 16 ton, 25 ton, 50 ton and other automotive cranes. The market share of triple and quadruple gear pumps with relatively high manufacturing difficulty is higher than that of peers. On the car air-conditioning, the CMFDAF series gear motor is used as the air-conditioning compression drive. Its stability and reliability have been verified by time and become a must-have product for domestic and foreign air-conditioner manufacturers. In the field of truck cranes, HCHC Hydraulic has the ability to provide a complete hydraulic system solution. From 1.5 tons to 16 tons of truck crane gear pumps, multi-way valves and cylinder products, HCHC has mature products and solutions. Among them, CBQ series gear pump and CBQL series double gear pump have become the best gear pump solution recognized by the domestic truck crane industry. The design of the ZD and ZDa series multi-way valves fully considers the operating space of the truck crane and the lightweight design concept, and is an ideal product that can replace the imported multi-way valve. For more than ten years, along with the long-term supporting production for the truck crane manufacturers, HCHC Hydraulic has carried out a lot of research and accumulation on the cylinder system of the truck crane, and has become the domestic working condition and manufacturing process for such equipment, one of the most powerful manufacturers. In the hydraulic lifting system of the tower crane, HCHC hydraulic CBW series gear pump has been recognized and respected by users at all levels, and become recognized as the most reliable products. Over the years, HCHC Hydraulic has accumulated a large number of applications experience for the production of supporting crane hydraulic products for XCMG Heavy, XCMG,  ZHONGLIAN Engineering Crane, Japan Furukawa, Heavy Truck HIAD Changchun SHENJUN, SANHE XINHONGCHANG Heavy Industry and other users and become an expert in hydraulic system solutions for such products.

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