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Hefei Changyuan hydraulic gear pump, multi-way valve and hydraulic cylinder products are widely used in the field of special modified vehicles, involving concrete tankers, wreckers, dump trucks, aerial work vehicles and other modified vehicles with vehicle chassis as the platform. The main products of gear pump (motor) for special vehicle modification include CBNL, CBZ, CBGTB, CBGTBL, CBQ, CBT4, CBN, CMW, CMFDA, CBW3, CCB high-speed pumps and other series. The products cover different installation types and port sizes of various types of modified vehicles. The single-pump displacement of gear pumps used in modified vehicles ranges from 1ml/r to 125ml/r, and the working pressure level can reach up to 28mpa. According to the requirements of the main engine, the gear pump can provide a combination of single pump and quadruple pump to meet different chassis installation requirements. Multi-way valve products are available in manual, electronic control, air control and hydraulic control. Various methods can be used alone or in combination. The various functional valve bodies are monolithically integrated and modular in production, enabling a combination of individual functions. The QF33.1/QF22.1/HCQF valve block specially designed for dump trucks has replaced a large number of imported products and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Designed for concrete mixer trucks, the large-flow multi-way valve adopts double-pump double-inlet oil to realize the split-flow function inside the valve body to avoid unnecessary waste of traffic. It realizes the low-speed rotation of the running tank on the road, and the internal flow of the valve during operation, achieving the goal of high-speed rotating high-speed unloading, eliminating most unnecessary waste of time during driving. HCHC Hydraulic can supply the corresponding cylinder products for the special vehicle modification industry according to the needs of customers. The company produces double-acting multi-stage telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinders, widely used in the special vehicle modification industry. The cylinder piston seal adopts the long-source hydraulic patent technology, which effectively changes the non-metallic seals, such as rubber and cannot pass under high pressure conditions. 

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