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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic has done a lot of research and development on the hydraulic system of excavator pilot pump, small excavator multi-way valve, small and medium-sized excavator cylinder and micro excavator in the field of excavation and scraping machinery. CBXZ and CBXW two series of gear pumps are widely used to replace the imported pilot pumps of piston pumps for 6 tons and 22 tons of excavators. Now the products have been used in the products of several large piston pump manufacturers in China. . The XYWL*-G15L series multi-way valve is a crawler type small hydraulic excavator. Its basic type is XYWL-G15L multi-way valve. The XYWL-G15L multi-way valve is used in the three-pump hydraulic system, with three main inlet oils and one low-pressure pump pilot control oil circuit. The valve has the characteristics of novel design, compact structure, large flow, high working pressure, advanced performance and reliable operation. Various types of cylinders for medium and small excavators have been mass-produced, including stick cylinders, boom cylinders, bucket cylinders and bulldozer cylinders. In order to meet the requirements of high-pressure and high-speed working conditions of the cylinder, the cylinder is provided with one end buffer or both ends of the cylinder. The cylinder tube is made of high-quality alloy steel after being scraped and slid by the inner hole; the piston rod is based on quenching and tempering and medium frequency quenching. The outer circle is coated with hard chrome to improve rust, abrasion and damage resistance; the seals are made by internationally renowned brands. The product has the characteristics of compact structure and high reliability. In response to the growing market of micro-excavators, HCHC Hydraulic has developed a dedicated hydraulic system that includes a specially designed multi-gear pump that is resistant to journaling, a compact multi-way valve and a combination of hydraulic cylinders. Support for customers with needs.

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