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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of “Excellent Supplier” of Liugong 2018

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On December 9, 2018, 2019 Liugong Global Supplier Conference was held in Liuzhou. Our company was invited to provide various types of hydraulic products such as gear pumps, hydraulic cylinders, multi-way valves and gear motors for Liugong's various business divisions. Participate in this event.

As a partner with more than 20 years of supply history with Liugong, Changyuan Hydraulic has been maintaining a close cooperative relationship with Liugong. In 2018, under the joint efforts of Changyuan Hydraulics, the company's various ancillary products were delivered in time, with good product quality and good service, which ensured the normal operation of Liugong's product line related to the business division. Changyuan Hydraulic also received Liugong shares. Recognized and awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Supplier”.

The award is the best choice among the nearly 1,000 suppliers of the 8 divisions of Liugong Group. The award is fully demonstrated by Liugong's high recognition and recognition of Changyuan Hydraulic.

Liugong is one of the first 300 large state-owned enterprise groups in China. In the 60 years since its founding in 1958, Liugong has always been a leader in China's construction machinery industry. It has been ranked among the top 500 enterprises in China and the world's top 50 engineering machinery companies, and has built the most competitive global marketing and service network in the industry.

The long history of Liugong shares has given birth to the core values of Liu workers' "customer orientation, quality achievement for the future; people-oriented, cooperation to create value". Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic has not been changed for more than 50 years, and always adheres to the belief of “creating competitive advantage for customers and developing together with customers”, which coincides with Liugong’s core values. For more than 20 years, Changyuan Hydraulic has actively served Liugong shares with excellent product quality and won many awards from Liugong.