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Accompanied by forty years

Time: 2018-11-01 360 Font: A+ A A-

In the autumn of October, the weather was high. On October 28, 2018, the Anhui Forklift Group's production base was full of joy. The 60th anniversary celebration of Anhui Forklift Group (hereinafter referred to as “Heli”) was held here. As the sole representative of the hydraulic industry - General Manager of Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Tang Xiangxian, he was invited to visit the site and witness the great moment of this milestone together with Heli leaders.

The development process of sixty years is a joint struggle, pioneering, enterprising, and concerted efforts. Heli people have made great progress all the way, especially in the forty years since the reform and opening up. Taking advantage of the rapid development of the domestic economy, the domestic forklift industry has become the benchmark for the forklift industry. During the period, despite numerous arduous challenges, but the people of Heli are not afraid of difficulties, and they are facing difficulties, from the annual production and sales to the breakthrough of 120,000 units, and thus reached the first million units today, for twenty-seven consecutive years. Standing in the middle of China's industrial vehicle industry.

As a strategic partner of Heli, Changyuan Hydraulic has 40 years of close cooperation with Heli in the supply of hydraulic components. For 40 years, from the internal combustion small-tonnage forklift hydraulic pump, to the large-tonnage hydraulic pump, electric back-free hydraulic pump, full range of hydraulic multi-way valve, hydraulic brake valve, etc., Changyuan hydraulic always adhere to the Heli forklift Demand-oriented, long-term organization of technical personnel to go to the front line and the relevant technical departments of the joint force to communicate, listen to their opinions and suggestions, these valuable opinions as the basis for product design and manufacturing. At the same time, due to the tight cycle requirements of Heli in the new product development process, Changyuan Hydraulic has continuously increased R&D and testing investment, and continued to promote product innovation and technology upgrade on the basis of ensuring reliable and durable designed products. And the quality upgrade, keeping up with the demand of the joint force, to meet the strict requirements of the Heli forklift for product quality, performance and other aspects, has been highly recognized by the joint force. The hydraulic products used by Changyuan Hydraulics in the forklift industry have been greatly developed in the process of supporting Heli Forklifts. The pace of replacing high-end imported hydraulic components is accelerating. Now it has become the only hydraulic component manufacturer in the forklift industry that can supply a full range of products. The global forklift market has now reached more than 300,000 pieces of hydraulic pumps and multi-way valves.

This conference will continue to open up and work together to make the company's vision of “the world's top five strong together” a step closer. Changyuan Hydraulics will further develop the company's development potential with technology, products and services, and build a new highland in China.