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2018 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Hefei Changyuan Hydraulics Shows New Style

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From October 26th to 28th, Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. appeared at the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in 2018. As the leading brand in China's hydraulic parts industry, Changyuan Hydraulic's new products have attracted the attention of exhibitors at home and abroad.


At the exhibition, Changyuan Hydraulics exhibited a variety of new hydraulic pumps and hydraulic multi-way valves, and exhibited hydraulic control of balers, high-power tractor plough lifting and harvesting machinery hydraulic electronic control system. Such as the overall solution, these exhibits fully demonstrate the product quality and technical strength of Changyuan Hydraulic.

At the exhibition site, the Changyuan hydraulic booth was crowded. A number of company leaders and hydraulic technicians from China Yituo, Revo Apos, Zoomlion, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group visited the booth to discuss and negotiate. The company's exhibits also attracted many attentions from overseas customers. Also expressed a strong interest in our exhibits and expressed a strong desire to operate our products.

During the exhibition, Dr. Xiao Junhua and Dr. Ouyang An from the China Agricultural Machinery Association visited the booth to visit and guide, listened to the development history of Changyuan Hydraulic, expressed high recognition for Changyuan Hydraulic's product quality and brand culture, and expressed their willingness to be Changyuan. Hydraulic development provides full support.


On October 28th, the three-day International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition came to an end. Through this exhibition, our customers will have a deeper understanding of Changyuan Hydraulic's product information and brand culture. Changyuan Hydraulic will continue to provide customers with better products and more professional services, so that each customer can feel the firm belief of Changyuan Hydraulic “creating competitive advantage for customers and developing together with customers”.