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Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic 2018 vocational skills training started

Time: 2018-08-28 276 Font: A+ A A-

On August 25th, the 2018 vocational skills training organized by the company started in the training center. Relevant leaders of various departments, more than 180 trainees of engineering and technical personnel and production technicians of various institutes participated in the opening ceremony.



The training period is two months, and a combination of theory and practice is adopted. In addition to inviting university teachers to teach, the training also invited experts and professional technicians to give lectures. The training aims to enable students to understand and master the professional knowledge and technology of hydraulic transmission design, manufacturing and testing, and to familiarize themselves with the operation of automated intelligent production equipment to ensure that trainees can adapt to the company's development needs and play a role.


It is reported that this vocational skill training is a collaboration between Hefei Changyuan Hydraulics and the colleges and research institutes of the University of Fertilizer. It is specially designed for the company to train hydraulic production technology and create a new model for the company's human resources application.