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The first meeting of the two national standards development working groups chaired by Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic and participated in the drafting of hydraulic cylinders was held in Hefei

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<<10mpa short="" stroke="" series="" single="" rod="" cylinder="" installation="" size="">> and <<16mpa cylinder="" inner="" diameter="" 250mm="" to="" 500mm="" compact="" series="" single="" rod="" installation="" size="">> The first meeting of the national standard development working group was held in Hefei, Anhui on August 3, this meeting was Sponsored by National Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee, co-organized by Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Luo Jing, secretary-general of the National Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standardization Committee, presided over the meeting. More than 20 experts and business representatives from research institutes and production enterprises attended the meeting.

At the Hefei meeting, experts and business representatives discussed the drafts of the two standards one by one. The meeting finally formed a unified opinion on the basic content of the draft standard, and the standard framework was initially established.

Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic presided over and participated in the revision of the national and industrial standards. 20 projects have been promulgated and implemented, including the two national standards hosted and participated in the drafting. Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic has 10 national standards currently under the auspices and participation. In the process of formulation.