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Dean Yang of Hefei Railway Transport Court and his team investigated Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic

Time: 2018-07-18 276 Font: A+ A A-

On the morning of July 17, according to the municipal party committee, “not forgetting the initial heart, keeping in mind the mission, doing a good example, and walking in the forefront”, the large-scale investigation activities were unified, and the party secretary and dean of Hefei Railway Transportation Court Yang Yi and his party went to Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Conduct research. Tang Xiangxian, chairman and general manager of Changyuan Hydraulics, and Xu Qijun, chief engineer, accompanied the company's production workshop and product exhibition hall.

At the research forum, General Manager Tang introduced the company's production and operation and the effectiveness of corporate culture construction, fully recognized the judicial services of the railway court, and raised the demand for intellectual property protection in the production and operation process.

After carefully listening to the opinions and understanding the needs of the company in detail, President Yang fully affirmed the work done by Changyuan Hydraulic on intellectual property protection and talent team construction, and encountered difficulties in protecting intellectual property rights and trade secrets. Provide professional guidance on key difficult issues. Dean Yang said that the railway transport court will do a good job, actively organize and feedback the collected opinions and suggestions, and provide reference for the municipal party committee and the municipal government to draft relevant policy documents.

General Manager Tang said that the research team came to Changyuan Hydraulic and put forward a lot of valuable guidance. We must learn and implement it well. The party and the government departments at all levels of state agencies have created a good development environment for enterprises. We should focus on hydraulic technology research, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and contribute to the smooth realization of China Manufacturing 2025.