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The students major in hydraulics of TUST enjoy a class in HCHC

Time: 2018-04-23 247 Font: A+ A A-

On April 16th, under the guidance of their graduation design instructors, part of senoir students major in hydraulics of Taiyuan University of Science and Technology (TUST) start one-week internship class in HCHC.

They will complete their graduation design during internship period and all the titles come from the real project. The joint education between colleges and enterprises has made great achievements and has become the effective cultivation model.

In recent years, HCHC has established stable relationship with University of Science and Technology of China, HeFei University of Technology and Zhejiang University. At the same time, HCHC actively accepts college students for internship and practice activities, providing a high-quality internship platform for mechanical manufacturing talents.