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HCHC staffs show their strong strength in the activity of shoveling snow

Time: 2018-01-04 213 Font: A+ A A-

Starting from the night of January 3rd, Hefei was swept by strong cold air from north. The cold air brought together a heavy snow which covered the earth near 20 cm and seriously affected the security of transportation and production facilities. In the early morning of January 4th, under the leadership of chairman Chou, our staff work twice to remove snow from the main road. Their actions effectively ensure the clearness of the main road and the normal operation of production facilities.

In the process of clearing snow, all the staffs use snow tools to clear the road.The snow and sweat shed from their foreheads, in the meantime a broad road was gradually extending under their feet. Even the passing drivers can not help giving them a thumbs-up.

In the face of this heavy snow, HCHC staffs show that we will never be scared by any difficulties through their actions.