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HCHC was re-awarded the Best Supplier by DFAM Group

Time: 2018-01-02 186 Font: A+ A A-

Recently, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. re-award Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. 2017 Best Supplier to appreciate our contribution to their development.

As one of the most influential enterprises in the industry of China's agricultural machinery, DFAM Group has maintained close cooperative relationship with HCHC.In recent years, in accordance with the characteristics of China's agricultural machinery industry market, HCHC continuously invest funds and increase the intensity of research and development, developing new products of various specifications and models to meet the needs of large-scale, premiumisation,  intelligence and individualization for agricultural machinery products. And it has become a new highlight of cooperation.With strong strength of national brand as well as technological, HCHC continuously guarantee strong technical support, punctual delivery rate and excellent service.

HCHC will unswervingly promote products and cultivate differentiated competitive advantage for main engine factory, continuing to building the supply chain which can support long-term steady development for enterprise and providing strong guarantee for the collaborative development of both sides.

Being re-awarded the annual Best Supplier by DFAM Group shows HCHC’s continuous efforts and will further promoting the win-win cooperation between both sides.