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HCHC was re-awarded the Quality Prize of Anhui

Time: 2017-12-18 197 Font: A+ A A-

Recently, AQCA has released the list of Quality Prize of Anhui in 2017.Through the links of data verification, comprehensive assessment, user evaluation and site audit, Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. was honored again 2017 Quality Prize of Anhui.This is the fourth time that HCHC has been awarded the Quality Prize since 2005 (the validity is 4 years).

Quality Prize of Anhui is the the highest award set up by CEIT of Anhui province to reflect the comprehensive quality of enterprises in the province.HCHC will further explore more advanced quality management approach, continuing to strictly implement excellent performance management system, forging brand strength, focusing on product quality, promoting the quality management level to a new height, making greater efforts and contributions to the development and progress of enterprise and industry.