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HCHC was awarded for contribution of New Product Development by Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

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In the 2017 annual business meeting of Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2016 New Product Development Contribution Award".

HCHC has been paying close attention to the demand of our customers’ development, focusing on the coordination research between hydraulic components and coordinated machinery, and actively participate in research and development of their new products, continue to promote product innovation, technology upgrade and quality upgrade, and pay more attention on the various demands of our customers in the purchase, use, Maintenance, updating and other different stages. Through the intimate service, we brought pleasure and benefits to our customers. So over the years, Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd and us have maintained close relations of cooperation.