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HCHC won the excellent Quality Award of Liugong group again

Time: 2016-12-20 221 Font: A+ A A-

The 2016 supplier conference of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., ltd was held on Dec.18th, 2016.

HCHC won the excellent quality award again.

HCHC had extensive cooperation with Liugong group for long-term, especially for the Liuzhou forklift business, HCHC was a strategic supplier which has been supplying its gear pumps and multi-direction valves. And for Wuxi Liugong, Loader Company, Anhui Liugong and other business Department, HCHC has been the main supplier of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and multi-direction valves. A part of these products, HCHC was the exclusive supplier of Liugong Group.