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HCHC won the excellent supplier of CLAAS JINYEE Agricultural Machinery (Shandong) CO., LTD

Time: 2016-12-16 221 Font: A+ A A-

The 2017 annual business conference “CHUNYU” of CLAAS JINYEE Agricultural Machinery (Shandong) CO., LTD was held on Dec.12th, 2016. After won the award of innovation in 2015, Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd was awarded as “annual excellent supplier” by Class JINYEE again.

CLAAS JINYEE is a wholly owned subsidiary of CLAAS Group in Germany, CLAAS harvesting machinery is very famous, which was praised as "FIRSTCLAAS" by users, and got good reputation as “harvest expert” in the industry. HCHC is always adhere to the purpose of high quality products and high efficiency services, making positive contribution to build “CHUNYU” into a high-end brand with CLAAS JINYEE and sparing no effort to realize the domestication of CLAAS brand hydraulic parts. 

In this annual meeting, as the representative of excellent supplier, the general manager of HCHC Mr. Tang gave a speech on how to ensure the R&D quality of new products and to improve the quality of products. At the meeting, Mr. Tang have conducted in-depth exchanges with leaders of CLAAS JINYEE on the next key work and work direction. Both sides have achieved consensus thus strengthened the confidence of long-term cooperation.