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HCHC carry out product anti-counterfeit query system

Time: 2016-11-17 345 Font: A+ A A-

To protect consumers' rights and interests, Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. labeled the product with “China’s Product Quality 365 Anti-counterfeiting Query System” (the most authoritative anti-counterfeit query system in China) from November 21, 2016. This label enhances anti-counterfeiting means and contains various high barrier anti-counterfeiting technologies. Please be kept informed for our customers!


This logo adopts a variety of anti-counterfeit query methods which is simple and easy to identify:

1. Scratching the surface coating of the logo and checking 20 anti-counterfeit digital data by calling 4007102365.

2. Visiting the company's official website www.hchc.cn, clicking the red label (anti-counterfeiting query) on the top of the website, entering 20 security code and to check. 

3. Please scan the color QR code in the logo by WeChat on the phone and enter 20 security code to easily distinguish the authenticity.