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SQEDLG*-F20L series multi-way valve is composed of inlet valve piece, reversing valve piece and return valve piece. The oil circuit uses a parallel oil circuit. The valve stem function can be O, Y, N, J, etc. The valve stem reset mode adopts manual or pneumatic control commutation. In order to meet the requirements of different users, the combination can be arbitrarily increased or decreased. The inlet valve plate has a pilot operated relief valve to control the overall system pressure. A check valve is placed inside the reversing valve to prevent oil from flowing backwards. According to the user's needs, the reversing valve can be equipped with an overload valve or a charge valve at both ends to meet the load requirements of different actuators. The SQEDLG*-F20L oil return valve has a pressure output port P1 that can be used in series with other hydraulic components. The valve has the advantages of compact structure, high working pressure, good performance and reliable operation, and can realize the advantages of near and remote control of multiple actuators. Widely used in hydraulic systems of construction machinery, mining machinery, sanitation machinery and other machinery.

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Product manual

Model Coding

SEQDLG * – F 20 L - T / * (**) * (**) …

      ①    ② ③④⑤ ⑥⑦ ⑨⑧⑨

① Unit code        

② Design code 1: with pressure output port; basic type: omitted

③ Pressure grade E: 16 Mpa F: 20 MPa

④ Nominal size 20

⑤ Joining port L: Screw

⑥ Spool returning T: spring reset

⑦ Block No.1 spool function

⑧ Block No.2 spool function

⑨ Auxiliary valve:

A: indicates that port A has an overload valve; B: indicates that port B has an overload valve

a: indicates that the port A has a charge valve; b: indicates that the port B has a charge valve

Functional Symbol:

P, oil pump outlet; P1: connect other valves or hydraulic mechanism

Ai, Bi: cylinder or other mechanism

T: pick up the fuel tank





Nominal pressure(MPa)


     Nominal size(mm)


     Min. air pressure(MPa)


     Nominal flow(L/min)


     Numbers of block coupled


     Spool stroke(mm)