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DYDL*-*15L series multi-way valve integrates solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, overload valve, charge valve, safety valve, throttle valve, hydraulic lock and multi-way reversing valve. The oil circuit can be connected in parallel and in series. The oil circuit is combined with the series and parallel to meet the needs of different complex systems. The oil is divided into two paths according to the need, one for the main oil circuit of the reversing valve, the other for the pilot oil, the automatic oil switch and compensation for the pilot oil, while saving energy The structure of the hydraulic system is simplified; the flow conversion function is set in the pilot return oil, and the valve rod movement is slowed by the control of the return flow rate of the pilot reversing oil passage, thereby reducing the commutation pressure shock; Two modes of operation, liquid control and manual control, enable remote control.

DYDL*-*15L series multi-way valve has the features of complete functions, advanced performance, compact structure, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, etc. It is mainly suitable for domestic new self-loading and unloading compressed garbage transport vehicles, and can also be used for other lifting and transporting machinery. In the hydraulic system of mining machinery and sanitation machinery.
◆ Built-in pressure reducing valve: The oil body part is equipped with a pressure reducing valve to provide a pilot oil source.
◆ Built-in check valve: Each joint commutator has a built-in check valve to prevent oil backflow
◆ Set electro-hydraulic, manual control operation: set two working modes of electro-hydraulic and manual control on the end cover, which can meet the remote control, and is convenient for debugging and emergency use.
◆ Set the commutation buffer: set the flow adjustment function in the pilot return oil to make the stem reversing smoothly and reduce the commutation shock of the oil.
◆ Additional valve: Both ends of the commutator, add overload valve or charge valve as needed
◆ Valve body structure: sheet structure, any combination of 1 to 6
◆ Stem center function: O, Y, etc.

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Product manual

Model Coding:

DYDL *-*  15  L - *  /  *  (b1Ab) - *  /  * - 24V

   ①  ② ③ ④  ⑤   ⑥    ⑦   ⑧     ⑥   ⑦    ⑨

① Unit code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade E: 16 MPa; F: 20 MPa; G: 25 MPa

④ Nominal size 15mm

⑤ Joining port  L: Screw

⑥ Spool returning  T: spring reset

⑦ commutator stem center function O, Y

⑧ commutator body valve

A: indicates that port A has an overload valve; B: indicates that port B has an overload valve

a: indicates that the port A has a charge valve; b: that the port B has a charge valve

B1: indicates that the B port has a single hydraulic lock; 2: indicates that it has a double lock

⑨ supply voltage DC 24 V



Nominal pressure
Nominal size
Nominal flow rate
Spool stroke(mm) 7+7