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The ZD*-L10E series multi-way valve is a medium-high pressure integral two-way reversing valve. The valve is provided with a relief valve and a check valve. The pressure of the relief valve is adjustable. The check valve prevents the oil from flowing backward. The valve of the reversing valve can have A, O, Y, etc., and can be combined arbitrarily. The reversing handle is available in two mounting styles for easy operation in different directions. The valve adopts a parallel oil circuit and is provided with two oil return ports. It can be connected or separated through a Rc1/4 plug hole, and the Rc1/4 hole is blocked to make the median oil return port as a pressure output port, which is compared with other hydraulic components. Provide power source. The specially designed sealing method makes the valve have excellent sealing performance. Hydraulic control for both actuators.

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Product manual

Model Coding:

ZD * - L 10 E - T / ** -1

① ②  ③④ ⑤  ⑥  ⑦ ⑧

① Unit code

② Design code

③ Joining port L: Screw

④ Nominal size 10mm

⑤ Pressure grade E: 16MPa

⑥ Spool returning T: spring reset

⑦ Spool  function A, O, Y

⑧ Omitted: normal type; add "-1" for pressure output port type



Nominal pressure(MPa)


Nominal size(mm)


Nominal flow(L/min)