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With the increasing application of forklift trucks, users have increasingly improved the safety requirements of forklift truck operation. The original multi-way valve on the forklift truck can not fully meet its requirements. In particular, the export forklift truck has increased the mandatory requirements for many safety aspects, CDC. The *-F15L series multi-way valve was developed to meet these functional requirements.
In addition to the functions of the forklift lifting, tilting, attachment control and steering oil supply, the CDC*-F15L series multi-way valve also has a built-in speed limit valve for controlling the falling speed of the forklift gantry, and a solenoid valve for lowering protection. Emergency manual on-off valve and system unloading solenoid valve. This valve can realize the automatic protection of the gantry system of the forklift after the operator leaves the forklift seat, which can completely avoid the safety hazard caused by misoperation.
The nominal pressure and nominal flow of the CDC*-F15L series multi-way valve are improved compared with the same-path multi-way valve. Therefore, the valve has advanced performance, complete functions, compact structure, reliable operation and high safety. Upgrade of the hydraulic system.
◆ System unloading solenoid valve: This solenoid valve can automatically cut off the multi-way valve hydraulic system when the operator leaves the forklift seat, all loading and unloading actions will be stopped.
◆ Drop protection solenoid valve: Only when this solenoid valve is opened, the control drop operation is effective.
◆ Emergency manual switch valve: emergency manual switch valve set in case of power failure or solenoid valve failure
◆ Built-in steady flow valve: The oil body part has a steady flow valve to provide stable flow to the steering system.
◆ Built-in speed limit valve: The composite commutator has a built-in speed limit valve to control the falling speed of the forklift frame.
◆ Built-in check valve: Each joint commutator has a built-in check valve to prevent oil backflow
◆ Set the valve stem self-locking: prevent the forklift door frame from vibrating due to the negative pressure inside the tilting cylinder, and lock the tilting cylinder when the engine is turned off, to avoid misoperation and tilt the forklift door frame forward and backward, resulting in safety hazards
◆ Set double safety valve: main safety valve controls system pressure, and diverted safety valve ensures normal working pressure of steering system
◆ Additional valve: Both ends of the commutator, add overload valve or charge valve as needed
◆ Valve body structure: sheet structure, any combination of 1 to 10
◆ Valve stem median function: A, Z, O, Y, etc.

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Product manual

Model Coding:

① Unit code        

② Design code

③ Pressure grade F: 20 MPa

④ Nominal size  15mm

⑤ Joining port  L: Screw

⑥ Spool returning  T: spring reset  W: steel ball positioning

⑦ Block No. 1 spool function

⑧ Block No. 2 spool function



Nominal Pressure(MPa)


Nomianl size(mm)


Nominal flowing rate(L/min)


Solenoid valve voltage(V)

DC 12

Spool stroke(mm)