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FP-L15E Distributor

FP-L15E Distributor

The FP*-L15E series distributors are integral single-way reversing valves. The main function of the valve is that the A port has a locking device in the neutral position to ensure that the leakage is small; in the A port working position, the spool valve can be automatically reset at the set pressure. The valve has the characteristics of novel design, advanced performance and reliable operation. This valve is mainly used in tractors, bulldozers and similar hydraulic systems.
★ This product is a patented product. Patent No. ZL200520076346.6
★ Built-in relief valve: valve body built-in relief valve to control system pressure
★ A port with lock: In the neutral position, the A port has a locking device, and the leakage is minimal.
★ Fixed load reset: The spool valve can automatically reset under the set pressure when the A port is in the working position.
★ The slide valve is equipped with a floating position: the slide valve is positioned in the floating position steel ball

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Product manual

Model Coding:


① Unit code 
② Design code
③ Joining port   L: Screw 
④ Nominal size   15mm 
⑤ Pressure grade   E: 16MPa