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XY** series multi-way valve is a multi-way valve developed by our company for excavation function engineering machinery such as crawler type small hydraulic excavator. Its basic type is XYWL-G15L multi-way valve. The XYWL-G15L multi-way valve is used in the three-pump hydraulic system, with three main inlet oils and one low-pressure pump pilot control oil circuit. The multi-way valve can realize the convergence of the boom and the joint of the stick, thereby improving the working speed; the boom and the bucket can be interlocked with the stick and the rotation, and the compound motion and the jog control are easy; the boom control valve block is integrated. The holding valve with zero leakage logic circuit prevents the boom from settling; meanwhile, it also has the flow compensation function in the priority loop. That is, when P1 and P2 are the two priority loops, P1 and P2 can no longer provide these two. The flow of other valves in the circuit, at this time P3 can temporarily establish a circuit through the compensation valve block, provide flow for P1, P2 other valve work, so as to realize the straight walking function of small hydraulic excavator; reserve hammer and other auxiliary With oil circuit interface. An overload replenishing valve is provided on the boom, the bucket, the stick, and the dozer blade. The valve has the characteristics of novel design, compact structure, large flow, high working pressure, advanced performance and reliable operation.
◆ Multi-pump oil supply: single pump work can be realized according to needs, double pump and three pump confluence
◆ Boom joining: When the boom is working, the oil of P1 and P2 pumps can be merged into the boom cylinder to improve the working speed.
◆ Boom priority: When the boom and bucket move at the same time, the priority of the boom is first maintained by the priority check valve to improve the working efficiency.
◆ Boom holding: The retaining valve with zero leakage logic circuit is integrated in the boom control valve block to prevent the boom from settling and ensure safe operation.
◆ Shake stick confluence: When the stick shaker works, the oil of P2 and P3 pumps can be merged into the shaker cylinder to improve the working speed.
◆ Straight line walking: When walking in a straight line, the P1 pump is for right walking, the P2 pump is for left walking, and the straight running valve is used. The P3 pump is available for other actuators other than walking to achieve compound action.
◆ Valve body structure: sheet structure, can increase or decrease the valve according to the system needs
◆ Built-in check valve: Each joint commutator has a built-in check valve to prevent oil backflow
◆ Additional valve: Both ends of the commutator, add overload valve or charge valve as needed

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Product manual

Model Coding

XYWL *  G 15 L 

 ① ②   ③ ④ ⑤

① Unit code

② Design code

③ Pressure grade F: 20 MPa

④ Nominal size 15

⑤ Joining port  L: Screw

Functional Symbol:

P1~P3: oil pump outlet; T1, T2: return to the fuel tank;

Pa1~Pa8, Pb1~Pb8, DR1, DR2, Pil~Pi3: connected to the pilot valve;

A1~A8, B1~B8: oil cylinder, motor or other mechanism



Nominal pressure      (MPa)

Maximum flow

Nominal flow      (L/min)

Safety valve pressure

Working fluid






temperature range

filter fineness      (μm)