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Grain dryer intelligent control system

Grain dryer intelligent control system

1. The development of control box and moisture meter focuses on the concept of streamlining, focusing on the practicability, stability, intelligence, interconnection and standardization of products.

2. Improve the internal integration based on the traditional design, and further improve the reliability of the product: at the same time, it is more user-friendly in terms of use and close to the user's usage habits.

3. Moisture meter, control box - body design, increase the integrity of the system, to achieve a seamless connection between the two. Data sharing is more comprehensive. 

4. The device is embedded with the microcomputer control system, which makes the system control more comprehensive and flexible, and can automatically complete various complicated workflows.

5. Support remote system installation, can achieve remote networking, data sharing and real-time operation and other functions.

6, after the installation of the remote system, you can also achieve monitoring and locking of the routing equipment. 

7. After the additional system is embedded, the control of the automatic thermostat of the hot blast stove is supported, and the integration degree of the system is increased, so that the system control is more complete.

8. The appearance of the control box can be customized, suitable for the installation of various mounting positions of the grain dryer

9. Electrical maintenance projects use electric appliances of well-known brands at home and abroad, including Siemens, Germany, Mingwei Power, Taiwan Weiluntong, Zhejiang Zhengtai Electric. Guarantee system stability and durability,

10. System module optional, industrial control configuration module, remote supervision module, thermostat control module, burner control module, etc. are available for selection. 

11. Perfect after-sales service system, able to quickly respond to after-sales tasks, S to check customer control system failures and ensure customer production progress.

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Technical indicators:

Determination of varieties: rice, wheat, barley

Measuring range: 11%~30%

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Repeat error: ±0.2%

Power exchange: 220v ± 10%, 50 Hz

Power: 20W

Operating ambient temperature: -0 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Use ambient humidity: ≤ 85%

Environmental adaptability: built-in integrated temperature compensation

Set the water range: 11%~20%

Water fine adjustment range: -3.0%~+3.0%

Working mode: automatic, manual

Drying completion signal: switching quantity

External data interface: one way 485