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Subsoil machine operation supervision system

Subsoil machine operation supervision system

Job supervision system features

1. Mobile phone program debugging equipment, fast installation on site, 1 car in 10 minutes;

2. Adopt integrated multi-parameter sensor to improve the measurement accuracy of hilly area;

3. Automatic identification, straw returning, sowing operations, etc.;

4. Irregular plots use a variety of methods to calculate the area, improve the accuracy, and automatically eliminate the repeated area;

5. High-density real-time monitoring of job depth and automatic evaluation of job quality;

6. Realize remote monitoring of agricultural machinery cluster operations, significantly improve the level of regulatory information, regulatory efficiency and quality;

7. Realize the operation of agricultural machinery from the spot check to the general survey.

8. Unique storage features ensure data logging is foolproof.

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Product manual


Operating temperature:-40~60°;

Positioning start time:30s:

storage temperature:-50~85°;

Operating Voltage:9~36V;

Power consumption:Host≤2W;sensor≤1W;


Depth measurement range:0~50CM±1CM;

Area calculation accuracy:±5%;

Voice broadcast volume:1~10 level.