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★ High-strength cast iron material shell has strong bearing capacity, and the front and back covers are made of aluminum alloy material

★ Symmetrical double lubrication sliding bearing structure

★ The inlet and outlet connections are made up of threads and flanges

★ Axial clearance automatic compensation mechanism enables the oil pump to maintain high efficiency for a long time

★ High working pressure and low noise

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Product manual

Model Coding:

①Product code

②Pressure grade G: 25MPa

③Fore pump nominal displacement

④Hind pump nominal displacement

⑤Mounting  A: Oval

⑥Joining Port T: Special

⑦Shaft end φ:SEA spline

⑧Rotation  L:Left (Counterclockwise)  R: Right (Clockwise is omitted)



Model Nominal displacement  Pressure Speed Volumetric efficiency L1 L2 L Weight
(mL/r) (MPa) (r/min) (≥%) (kg)
fore pump/hind pump fore pump/hind pump
fore pump/hind pump

Rated Max. Min. Rated Max.

CBKL-G32/G25-ATφ* 32/25 25 28 600 2000 2500 92/92 112 207.5 248 13.4
CBKL-G32/G32-ATφ* 32/32 214.5 255 13.6
CBKL-G40/G20-ATφ* 40/20 120 210.5 251 13.5
CBKL-G40/G32-ATφ* 40/32 222.5 263 13.9