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XSF-F Speed Limit Valve

XSF-F Speed Limit Valve

The main function of the XSF*-F**L series speed limit valve is to forward the oil through, reverse the oil throttle, and automatically adjust the opening of the spool through the internal load feedback system to achieve reverse throttling and constant current. effect. This valve is widely used in forklifts and similar hydraulic systems to control hydraulic cylinder down or return speed.
★ Forward straight through: low pressure loss
★ Reverse constant current: reverse throttling, through the load feedback, the spool is automatically adjusted to achieve stable output constant current
★ Valve body structure: tubular structure, 1 to 10 tons models are available for selection according to requirements

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Product manual

Model Coding:

① Unit code 
② Design code   basic type: omitted

③ Pressure grade   F: 20MPa 
④ Nominal size   16mm   20mm   25mm
⑤ Joining port   L: Screw 
⑥ Fork lift truck tonnage