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HCZF-E15L brake valve is used for forklift brake system. The brake valve is equipped with a shunt valve, which is used for the constant flow of the forklift steering system to shunt out a small part of the flow (about 500 ~ 700mL/min) through the brake valve for the brake valve to work. Brake valve is control by foot through the foot pedal, by the foot. While stepping on the pedal, the stroke of the pedal is transmitted from the push rod to the piston rod of the brake valve. Under the action of the pressure reducing valve in the brake valve, a certain pressure is generated on the piston rod side of the piston to form assistance and the hydraulic oil in the piston chamber enters the brake through the safety valve to realize the braking of the forklift. The foot force is proportional to the output pressure of the brake valve. When the pedal is released, the high-pressure oil in the brake flows back to the piston chamber through the safety valve. Meanwhile, the oil filling valve in the brake valve is opened under the action of negative pressure, filling oil to the piston chamber to ensure that while re-braking, the piston chamber has enough hydraulic oil, even in the case of engine flameout braking. In addition, the safety valve at the outlet of the piston chamber ensures that the oil will not completely flow back when the brake is unloaded, and maintains a certain pressure to ensure that the re-braking is rapid and more reliable.

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Product manual

Model Coding:

HCZF – E 15 L 

①        ②③④

① Unit code       

② Pressure grade E: 16 MPa

③ Nominal flow rate 15 L/min

④ Joining port  L: Screw





Nominal pressure(MPa)


Nominal flow rate(L/min)




Dividing flow(L/min)