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★ The housing adopts liquid extrusion molding process and has strong carrying capacity

★ High-strength alloy steel gears, high reliability and long life

★ High-intensity roller bearings improve oil pump resistance to overload and pollution

★ Input shaft connection forms are flat keys, rectangular splines, SAE involute splines, metric involute splines

★ The automatic compensation mechanism of axial clearance enables gear pump to maintain a long-time high efficiency work

★ The tail of the oil pump has a screw that is convenient for its auxiliary support

★ It is widely applied in the industry of engineering machinery.

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Product manual

Model Coding:

① Product code

② Fore pump nominal displacement

③ Central pump nominal displacement

④ Hind pump nominal displacement

⑤ Mounting  B: Square

⑥ Joining Port  F: Flange

⑦ Shaft end  X: Involute spline

⑧ Rotation  L: Left (Counterclockwise)  R: Right (Clockwise is omitted)



Model Nominal displacement Pressure Speed Volume Effectiveness Weight
(mL/r) (Mpa) (r/min) (≥%) (kg)
No.1 Pump/No.2 Pump Rated Max. Min. Rated Max.

/No.3 Pump/No.4 Pump

CBKPZH63/50/32/08-BFX* 63/50/32/08 20 25 500 2100 2500 92 42